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Osteopathy Treatments

Osteopathy can treat a wide variety of conditions thanks to it's non-invasive style. By encouraging movement of joints and tissues through a wide range of manual techniques, Osteopathy is able to help aid healing and encourage health in all tissues of the body, and greatly reduce pain levels.

Osteopathic Techniques


Osteopaths are known for manipulation of joints which involves ‘pops’ of joints in the back. It is used to ease restriction of one joint against another, relieving pain, promote neural connections between the symptom site & segments of the spine, allow better movement away from the site of pain, giving increased movement.


Encouraging movement of a joint within its normal range.

Cranio-sacral Techniques

Involves manually applying gentle and subtle movement to the bones of the head and spine. Commonly used on patients requiring a non-invasive treatment approach. Such as Patients with whiplash, Babies and Children!

Visceral Technique

Involves the use of gentle techniques applied directly to the viscera (internal organs) and their ligamentous and fascial attachments. Treatment also seeks to normalise circulation and nerve supply to the organs guiding the body from dysfunction towards better health. It may be useful in cases of respiratory illness, post-op scarring, bowel problems and menstrual related back pain.

Massage and Stretching


Reducing myofascial pain using acupuncture needles.

Bespoke Orthotics

If appropriate their use can reduce aches and pressure on joints to the leg and foot.

Functional Fascial Taping

An innovative and unique taping technique that can provide immediate pain relief. Useful for patients wishing to carry on with work or training.

Back Pain
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