Foot and Heel Pain

foot massage

Usually a traumatic event or a change to your routine can bring about foot pain. This can encourage the muscles to fatigue on the inner part of sole (plantar fasciitis) or allow tight muscles to tug at the heel (achilles tendinopathy).

Foot Pain Treatment

By improving the function of the ankle and the joints within the arches of the foot, the pain will ease and normal movement will return.  This will be in addition to releasing the tight muscles which influence joint movement, and possibly taping the joint to give additional support in your recovery period, allowing you to continue with your training.

An osteopath’s highly developed sense of touch can identify the specific problem to your foot pain.  We will often be able to tell you the process of how and why it came about by assessing the local tissues as well as being aware of others mechanical issues which may have made you use your foot differently and without you noticing! 

Problems we diagnose and treat include:

Plantar Fascitis, Metatarsalgia, Heel Spurs, Arch problems, Bunions, Neuromas (trapped nerves), Tendon & Ligament Problems.

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