Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

COVID-19 Update 01/06/2020! WE ARE OPEN! Please call to make an appointment Cambridge: 01223 248233  Ely: 01353 666384 We are delighted to inform that following government and The Institute of Osteopathy guidance we are now able to resume both urgent and non-urgent appointments. The past few weeks we have been closely following guidance to adapt […]

Work Strain and Injuries

There is always a reason why your work related problem comes to the surface and gives you pain. Work related strains and injuries are usually disorders of the muscles, tendons and joints and symptoms can vary from mild aches and pains to severe pain. There are a number of work-related activities that can put a […]


Symptoms Most people feel that nothing can be done for arthritis except take pain medication. Arthritis is a common problem as we get older and can be a major factor in people stopping doing the things they enjoy. This is partly due to pain, but mostly because they are scared of doing further damage. Keeping […]

Foot and Heel Pain

Usually a traumatic event or a change to your routine can bring about foot pain. This can encourage the muscles to fatigue on the inner part of sole (plantar fasciitis) or allow tight muscles to tug at the heel (achilles tendinopathy). Foot Pain Treatment By improving the function of the ankle and the joints within […]

Sports Injuries

Osteopathy and Sports Injuries People don’t often think about osteopathy when it comes to sport injuries however athletes of all disciplines find osteopathy treatment extremely beneficial. We work with both professional and amateur athletes of all ages, disabled and able-bodied men and women to identify the source of injuries and help to get you back […]

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis Symptoms of frozen shoulder The good news is a Frozen Shoulder is often over-diagnosed. By this we mean that there are a range of shoulder problems which mimic the problems of pain and restriction.  The problem often occurs between 40-60 years of age, favours females and has an association with […]

Whiplash and neck pain

Whiplash can cause more than just neck pain. Symptoms of whiplash Your body absorbs a lot of force from the impact of the accident and this may develop in areas such as your low back, ribs and shoulders. This is normal and is not serious. However, the pain can be quite bad and stop you […]

Neck Pain & Treatment

Neck pain is common and can cause more than just a pain in your neck. Symptoms Problems with your neck can cause pain locally and in areas you may not associate with coming from your neck. Headache Arm pains Chest pain Tingling in the arm or fingers. A strain to a disc can be mistaken […]

Back pain and Sciatica – symptoms and treatment

Back pain is common but that doesn’t mean its normal for it to occur Symptoms Most back pain is mechanical and comes from the muscles, discs, ligaments, and small joints. The increased incidence of back pain is directly related to our sedentary lifestyles and increased stress levels. It’s no coincidence that mechanical problems occur at […]