Whiplash and neck pain

Whiplash can cause more than just neck pain.

Symptoms of whiplash

Your body absorbs a lot of force from the impact of the accident and this may develop in areas such as your low back, ribs and shoulders. This is normal and is not serious. However, the pain can be quite bad and stop you from moving normally. 

Treatment for whiplash

A visit to the practice soon after the incident allows us to assess the level of damage and prevent any unnecessary build up of pain and muscle spasm, allowing you to get back to your usual routine more quickly.

Often symptoms take their time to develop.

Most people only develop symptoms a day or two after the incident. That is a good sign. It means the damage to your neck is not serious. The ‘soft-tissue’ elements will have been strained (muscles, ligaments etc) and may take several weeks to resolve, but there will be no lasting damage.

It is common to get headaches after whiplash, as well as arm pain and tingling.

These symptoms are common and can be a distressing side-effect of the whiplash. By releasing muscle spasm and calming the joint irritation we can quickly ease these symptoms. Anxiety and stress will also make these symptoms worse which makes getting the right diagnosis quickly all the more important.